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Many of you may have heard of the Lemon Detox Diet and how you can lose weight and cleanse your insides.  The link will give you all the information from their website, but I am here to talk about how I think that replacing all your solid food with three drink replacements isn’t the answer.

Sure you can do this but I don’t know about you but I would be starving and break it.  Therefore you won’t get the bennefits and you just wasted your money. 

There are so many miracle diets on the market, pills, drinks, meat diets etc, but what we are all forgetting is that none of these are the answer really because you need to eat, and you need to exercise.

You need to do this every day of your life, I know because I have not done it for a while.  My eating has gone to the dog house, exercise is non exsistant and what I and everyone else should do is figure out a routine for you that you can stick to.

This post isn’t giving you facts and figures, the site can give you that.  I just wanted to voice my opinion about all these crash diet plans.  I am sure they all mean well and I am sure some of them work.

What happens when you stop – but haven’t changed your ways, I’ll tell you what happens you put all the weight back on and then some. 

There are however some great uses for the lemon, below are the uses I have found.

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Some of these links may overlap but you will definately get the general idea.  When I think of lemons I think refreshing.  So even though the Lemon detox diet isn’t exactly what I think will help you acheive weight loss and keep it off there are many other great uses for the Lemon.

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