Online Clothing

In recent years the online shopping experience has really taken off, offering more services and more flexibility.  These comprise of layby, ship to an address or pick up from store, online only discounts just to name a few.  Because there are not that many plus size stores in Melbourne that cater to the larger size ladies like sizes from 30-50 it has become the norm to buy clothes online only.  I can’t remember the last time I ventured into a store personally.

Now I know what your going to say, but you should not knock it, there are the odd occasions that you may purchase something and it doesn’t fit, this has happened to me too.  To return overseas is a bit of a night mare I agree, however once you have found a good online store that caters to all sorts of styles and occasions and you have purchased their clothing for a while, you will just know which size you are and you will get  used to the type of material used on these clothes.  Once this occurs you will not have this issue of wrong sizes or clothes not fitting.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a store out there (that you can go in person) to visit that has clothing for sizes 6-50.  So if you can buy a singlet in size six, you can buy it in 50.  That would be so terrific and the store would have this one range that everyone can wear.  Teamed with accessories like bags and jewellery and intimate apparel we have a winner.

So keep an eye out on the web for the next new store that pops up, it could be mine.