Katly Plus has Lay-by

Katly Plus is now offering Lay-by service, the terms are strictly 2 months only, payments due via invoice to your email every 2 weeks.  Message me on a Facebook or via contact section on either www.biggirlsdontcryplus.space or www.katlyplus.ecwid.com advising SKU number of product(s), size, colour and your email address, address, phone number, so that your first invoice can be sent.  Goods will be marked as sold and put away, however each invoice is due in 24 hours of issue.  Failure to pay on invoice immediately will result in Lay-by being cancelled and any funds paid will be retained as restocking fee.

In the event you can’t pay your instalment invoices always email or message me at Katly Plus immediately to further discuss at my descretion what we can work out to avoid losing your deposit already paid.