FAT Bashing

Photo credit :  Slipper04

Yes, I am writing about this subject again because after doing some research I found this very interesting article on the subject.  You really have to read it as it outlines issues that are very important to us all.  Attitudes may or may not change and every one has their own opinion BUT come on people you have to understand what us fatties face every day.  Being obese is not a choice I can tell you from personal experience, however things are not that simple as cho0sing or not cho0sing to be obese.

When are we going to stop apologising for being who we are, we still have the same colour blood as everyone else, have arms, legs, hearts.  It is the time to stop all this fat bashing.  Every time I go into research mode and find new and intersting articles – it could be about a fashion question like ‘why can’t the over weight ladies find nice clothing?   It turns into a fat bashing.   Ahhhh I am mad that is for sure but in any case you really have to read the article because it has many points and I think you will find it interesting. 

Please let me know what challenges you face by commenting.