Photo Credit – Family albumn

Most people take for granted that their parents and siblings will always be there, as I found out that I was to lose my both my parents and somehow being so far away from my siblings it feels like I lost them too.  It has been hard for me because we all lived together until I was 32 years old.  We did everything together – picnics, night clubbing, dinners and outings, video nights, drive ins.  Now even though I am only about 1 and a bit hours away it feels like I am in another country.

Everyone has gone on with their lives and forgotten what we all meant to each other.  I though haven’t forgotten and will always treasure our times together even if they have forgotten.  I recently got in touch with some distant family members and I received in the mail the other day 2 DVD’s with footage of my parents, us girls as children and other family members.  It was so good to see my mum and dad happy and healthy again and how they interacted with us kids.  I meant the world to me.

Maybe this year will be a year where we all connect again and realise how important we are to each other and that we are all we have left really.  I hope my siblings feel the same way as I but one can only hope.